High School and Vocational Scholarships
Education equips children with the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty. Yet so many promising students lack the finances they need to pay for school beyond the primary level. Your gift of $100 or more will help provide part of a scholarship for one young person.


Price, Quality & Total

School Lunches

When you provide a month of midday meals for a schoolchild, your gift tells them that their education is important and sets them up for a successful school day. Read Beatrice’s Story

Water Pump Repair
Older pumps can break and be left in disrepair. While repair costs can vary, many parts can be repaired for as little as $100. Read the Rescapé Story

Bring the Word of God into a church community or household where Hope is desperately needed.

Bible Training
Your gift of $60 allows one church leader to attend a year-long Bible training program.