We have different types of purpose with House of angel grace

Creat Self-depandent system, we try make a system who only one time take his investment then return his investor and earn and run his palace and gives help other like our lord gives his life for other. this orphanage when is stand on his feet then help other orphanage and other social work for and give support our nature and glory our lord.

  • 1) We had observed in various district and different states have very poor infrastructure.
  • 2) We does not provide them a civilized life .
  • 3) We failure in giving jobs, skills and god words in his life’s .
  • 4) We do not have collected reviews from locals and villagers.
  • 5) We do not have show other when god gives blessing poor how is looking.
  • 6) we not have any model house . For show other and our big child where get naturally get education, skill, and works.
  • 7) Our all program upon based charity only if stop charity then what happened? .
  • 8) we not give them spiritually and physically self sustaining.
  • 9) We always taker not giver .
  • 10) In here going all orphanage and shelter and old age home full no space and some are going shut down because that do not have funds for Childs that is so ……. For this as proof I present news paper article here and I given proof here.

More and more reason …………

  • 1-connect maximum number of villager with this program.
  • 2 – Giving shelter here 500 childes.
  • 3- 50000 villager and pastor spiritually and physically Self-sustaining.
  • 4 – Return back investor all invested money.
  • 5- Funds new program .
  • 6- Create every year new shelter home for poor in new place

We earn by agriculture and run this place -Orphanage - Giving shelter orphan and poor street Childs. We wants create in each district one orphanage center .that one House of angle grace 300 minimum child capacity and we provide food , medicine , education , cloth , and skills, and work for him and make him self dependent and good person .

Training center 
  • Give skills our pastor and his supporter.
  • 5000villager former basic and modern organic forming by bible every year.
  • Skill training center for small business basically agriculture and seed and plant Kitchen garden and roof top garden, honeybee production and bonsai making and selling Give stability for our big Childs in different company’s as consultancy.
  • Envision 1000 big Multipliers for big impact .
  • Connect digitally villager and former.
  • Get works each year 5000 Childs.
  • 500 poster and his supporter physical self sustain each year .
  • 300 child get family ever year each district .
  • 10000 people know the gospel every year by each center.
Proposed site
  • Lucknow near Kanpur road (60 eked)
Why need this is in Lucknow:- 
This program is needs Lucknow because we have many reason first here approx three government orphanage and one Indian religions orphanage but all are full and no space for new child and some of going close his orphanage and there Childs situation is not very good look this article in one month before comes Second, this place is heart of our state that needs first priority to clean that means we need to mercy on these child they helpless and going die our lord is our savior and he want we care his ship and feed his lambs that is his order for us. We try this is a model house orphanage House of grace is all world look the when god blessing poor and helpless and weaker. Third Is this state is agriculture state and mostly people doing main business and main earning for his family. This state lives 25-core people .we save our plant and our nature given by our lard and full fill great commission